PHOTO FRESH CUTS BARBERSHOP is the D(M)V's newest and most innovative "multimedia production barbershop". ​​​​​​​​​​



  1. Full Communication
    PHOTO FRESH CUTS, LLC is determined to provide the optimal customer service to each and every client. The ability to place an appointment and continue your day without having to wait in the shop for hours is a convenience that not only the client enjoys, but the barber as well.
  2. Social Media
    The expression of our barbers, and staff on that make PFC possible, social media is at the platform of today and tomorrow! Our clients and customers all enjoy the hard work displayed in the craftsmanship of barber skills. By clicking any link throughout the PFC website, you will be connected to one of the many social media platforms we utilize.
  3. Location
    Located at 7127 Allentown Road, Fort Washington, MD 20744 #103 The surrounding area is thriving with business and growth. Single family homes as well as many schools that aid the community in positive movement. Crossland High School, located directly behind PFC, has a barber program that will be integrated within PHOTO FRESH CUTS, LLC. This is to insure a stably financial path for those leaving the beginning levels of education and entering the world of economic/ financial stability.